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John Mulaney: Speaking of Mad Men, how about at the end of the episode, when they do the scenes from the next Mad Men - I love it. Instead of giving away like good details about the next show, it’s just a bunch of close-ups of people saying vague things like, “Shut the door. Should I be worried? What does this mean? Shut the door.” It’s just a bunch of sentences. It sounds like a cassette tape you’d use to teach someone English. “Who are you? This is my office. Look at my dress. My dress is blue. This is the door. The door is brown. Shut the door.” Mad Men - it’s great. Everything’s great. I love it. - Saturday Night Live, 36x04
John Mulaney: Speaking of Mad Men, how about at the end of the episode, when they do the scenes from the next Mad Men - I love it. Instead of giving away like good details about the next show, it’s just a bunch of close-ups of people saying vague things like, “Shut the door. Should I be worried? What does this mean? Shut the door.” It’s just a bunch of sentences. It sounds like a cassette tape you’d use to teach someone English. “Who are you? This is my office. Look at my dress. My dress is blue. This is the door. The door is brown. Shut the door.” Mad Men - it’s great. Everything’s great. I love it.

- Saturday Night Live, 36x04
Apr 1

How I Met Your Mother Series Finale Thoughts (Spoilers!)


So I can already tell that I’m in the minority but I really enjoyed the series finale to HIMYM. I knew going into this episode that it would be controversial because a number of things were going to be done to subvert expectations since that’s what HIMYM has always been about. 

To people who closely watch the show, the mother dying wasn’t exactly something that was very hidden. It’s been fairly well eluded to the past few seasons and especially in the episode “Vesuvius"  with Tracy saying "What mother is going to miss her daughter’s wedding?” and then Ted getting sad. Also a neat little parallel here with Tracy being able to be with Max and then Ted being with Robyn. Also, fun callback to Season 1 with the mother being named Tracy.

I think most of what I really loved about this finale is how truthful it was to real life. We have friends that we want to never leave and think for the longest time that everything will be perfect forever but in reality we all change as people and for one reason or another sometimes you grow apart from these friends. Relationships don’t work out sometimes as much as we’d like them to. It’s all part of life and I think HIMYM took the much braver road instead of the easy one of simply leaving off the mother dying and Ted performing one last grandiose romantic gesture for Robin. 

A lot of people didn’t care for the finale but this isn’t our story to tell. In the end, how else would you have made this finale? Ted just being meeting Tracy at the bus stop would have been kind of a boring ending. Just like Ted calling Robin “Aunt Robin” in the first episode, the show always been one to subvert our expectations and stray from norm. Ted and Robin wouldn’t have made sense much earlier in the series since they both wanted different things (Robin wanting to work on her career, Ted wanting to have a family). In the end, they both got what they wanted though and in the end it made them the people they are and made them ready for each other. 

It’s been a fun time watching this show and I’ll probably almost always watch it when I’m flipping around on TV for something to watch. I started watching HIMYM back in September 2008 as a freshman in college and I’m now getting ready to finish my master’s degree, it’s been quite the ride.There have been times I wanted to give up on this show because there are some really lame episodes throughout the mix but then there were always glimmers of hope parsed throughout. 

Random thoughts:

-Tracy being dressed in a Gore/Lieberman sweatshirt to pair with Ted’s hanging chad costume is super cute/funny.
-The aging for future everybody actually looks somewhat reasonable 
-The expressions/reactions from Ted’s kids seem a little off since it was recorded during Season 2 and the show had a massively different tone back then.
-Are we ever gonna figure out about that pineapple? One mystery left unsolved by the Mosby Boys. 
-Lots of fun parallels between the pilot and the series finale (Ghostbuster references, “Have you met Ted?”, Blue French Horn). 

The Grand Budapest Hotel Review


Rating: 3.5/4

Directed and written by: Wes Anderson
Starring:  Ralph FiennesF. Murray AbrahamJude LawSaoirse RonanAdrien Brody, and Tony Revolori

For the first time in a while it feels like Wes Anderson is finally stepping outside of his comfort zone with The Grand Budapest Hotel. With its animated-like characters, changing aspect ratios, and heavy stylization some may mistake Anderson for going for style over substance with Grand Budapest but in many ways the story of Grand Budapest is one of his largest to date that feels like a leap for the 44-year-old director.

Taking place over three distinct time periods (1930’s, 1960’s, and present day), Grand Budapest Hotel tells the story of Zero Moustafa (Tony Revolori), a lobby boy at The Grand Budapest Hotel which is run by its dedicated concierge Gustave H (Ralph Fiennes). Shortly after, Gustave H finds himself wrongly accused of murder by the family of the late Madame D. (Tilda Swinton).The film contrasts the ongoing high jinks of the Grand Budapest in the 1930’s with an older Zero (F. Murray Abraham) in the 1960’s telling his story to a young writer (Jude Law). The framing between that of the older and much more guarded older Zero and younger Zero makes for an interesting choice that gives the film an ere of mystery as viewers discover the story of the Grand Budapest Hotel. 

One of the key differences with Grand Budapest is how the style very much adds to the characters such as the small details about how Gustave H cares about his appearance to others. Newcomer Tony Revolori is a delight as Zero Moustafa and his love with the baker Agatha (Saiorse Ronan) is every bit believable. Fans of Ralph Fiennes from In Bruges won’t be surprised that the man has comedic talents but Fiennes is laugh out loud funny throughout the entire film. The stylistic actions of the characters feel like something right out of Raising ArizonaGrand Budapest is perhaps Anderson’s funniest movie since his first movie Bottle Rocket but also quickly brings a dramatic and sad turn near the end of the film in a similar way to Royal Tenenbaums

One thing that is unfortunate about Grand Budapest is that many of the smaller characters feel like small cameos rather than fully created characters. It’s almost as if Wes Anderson is trying to fit his Bill Murray quota with how tiny his role in the film. Saiorse Ronan’s character could have also used a few more scenes considering how integral how character is to the story. Also, Harvey Keitel once again feels way out of place in a Wes Anderson just as he did in Moonrise Kingdom

Grand Budapest is grander in scale than most of Wes Anderson’s films but feels like a fusion of many of his previous films by incorporating things like the silliness of Bottle Rocket, the stylization of most of his later films, and the thoughtful and deep relationships found in Royal Tenenbaums

The Muppets Most Wanted Review

Review: 2.5/4

The loss of Jason Segel is in more than just him as the lead star as the absence of his writing talents are completely noticeable as Most Wanted lacks the love of somebody who truly loves the Muppets. While The Muppets felt like a spiritual successor to The Muppets MovieMost Wanted feels much more akin to The Great Muppet Caper.

As the opening number states, “Everybody knows that the sequel’s never quite as good” and unfortunately it almost seems as though they don’t even try to be better. Picking up right after The Muppets, the gang embarks on a world tour with Dominic Badguy (Ricky Gervais).  Badguy secretly works with Constantine, a frog that looks just like Kermit aside from a small mole. Shortly after Kermit is switched with Constantine and placed inside a Russian GULAG led by Nadya (Tina Fey). 

The movie has funny lines that will have most people laughing here and there but a lot of Most Wanted feels like a cookie-cutter way to do a Muppets movie. Aside from one or two of the musical numbers, the songs do little aside from saying “this is what’s happening” and kind of puts the movie on hold. Compare this to The Muppets "Man or a Muppet" which serves as a pivotal moment of the film. 

Along with the somewhat unforgettable musical numbers, this movie is far too long and at times it’s just plain boring. A Muppets movie doesn’t need to be 7 minutes shy of being a 2 hour movie. The plot feels completely methodical at times with Dominic Badguy moving from point to point and after the first spot it feels completely redundant and gets kind of boring. 

I wouldn’t say that I dislike this movie but rather that I’m completely disappointed that they’ve squashed any and all momentum that Jason Segel built up with the first movie and his bringing back of The Muppets. There’s funny moments and a few enjoyable musical numbers but for the most part the movie is forgettable and lacks the passion of The Muppets

Veronica Mars Review

Rating: 3/4


Kickstarter money wasn’t enough, they needed some of that shameless Jay-Z Samsung money

By extension of being a product of UPN and the CW, Veronica Mars always exhibited a sense of self-awareness and the new film takes that to new levels much to the delight of fans. This movie is full on fan service with small cameos of past characters and tiny little nudges but it very well should be given the production budget was funded by fans via the famous Kickstarter campaign.

Veronica (Kristen Bell), now a soon to be lawyer, finds herself back in the cesspool that is Neptune, California after Logan Echols (Jason Dohring) is wrongly accused of murder. As cliche as the plot is, it’s sure a lot of fun watching Veronica walk around a transformed Neptune. The people in Neptune are largely the same but at the same time its obvious that the characters have all changed since they last seen in 2007. While most of the film revolves around a whodunit mystery which again is cliche but Veronica Mars was always a series to embrace its cliche and have fun with them which is exactly what the film does.

The film is chock full of celebrity cameos and the casting is brilliantly done for newcomers with actors such as Ken Marino, Gaby Hoffman, and Martin Starr. Mars also features a cameo by none other than James Franco as himself since that’s the kind of thing James Franco does for fun obviously. Bell of course though is the real star and she fits right back into the role of Veronica Mars. Post-Veronica Mars, Bell had fallen victim to a slew of bad romcoms (Couples Retreat, When in Rome, You Again) but with the return of her former self Bell is giving audiences once again a reason to love her. Coming off the success of Frozen and now a great performance in Veronica Mars, Bell is hopefully off to do great things once again . 

Veronica Mars as a film works both as a film for viewers who wish to hang out with their old Neptune friends but also as a film for newcomers not familiar to the series. On a last note, where’s my Party Down movie Rob Thomas? 

Mar 4

86th Academy Awards Best Picture

Finally saw all of the Best Pictures noms. 

Here’s my ranking

1. 12 Years a Slave


2. Nebraska


3. American Hustle


4. The Wolf of Wall Street


5. Her


6. Gravity


7. Captain Phillips


8. Dallas Buyers Club


9. Philomena


One of the best Leonard moments on Community - Imgur

One of the best Leonard moments on Community - Imgur


Did you like Marty McFly?

Kroll Show Season 2 - Episode 1: “Cake Train”

Some of the musicians I’ve seen live.

Grizzly Bear

Ben Folds



Arcade Fire

Bob Dylan (old washed out version)

My Morning Jacket


The Flaming Lips

Sufjan Stevens

Depeche Mode


Animal Collective

Vampire Weekend

James Taylor

Made in the Land of Wheat and Maize


As part of an ongoing video series, Red Wing’s Heritage division is partnering with independent characters who wear Red Wing boots to give a glimpse into each of their lives. The first video highlights Grammy Award-winning musician Justin Vernon of Bon Iver and Volcano Choir. A lifelong resident…

I love everything about this